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ModularCams make it simple At ModularCams we take security very seriously. You can rest assured that when you choose ModularCams as the solution for your commercial and/or residential CCTV needs, you will receive the benefit of years of experience and expertise from our security technicians.

ModularCams guarantees the quality of our products, and the workmanship of our installations. We stand behind our customer support and believe that the value we create for our clients through fully comprehensive security solutions at competitive pricing is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Total Control Made Easy:

• Free site survey & quotation
• Full installation service
• Day/Night Infrared cameras
• Pan tilt zoom cameras
• Remote viewing via internet
• Fully comprehensive warranty
• High Resolution Digital recording


I already have an existing CCTV system with a Video Tape Recorder. Can I upgrade to a ModularCams System without too much cost?

Yes. Assuming your existing system utilises conventional CCTV cameras and cabling, you should be able to upgrade to the ModularCams System and still continue to use your existing cameras and cabling.

What exactly is CCTV?

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is the terminology used to describe an arrangement of cameras linked by cable or radio transmitter to a monitor and/or recording device.

What is a pan tilt zoom camera?

A pan tilt zoom camera (PTZ) is a specific type of camera which can be moved through 360 degrees horizontally, can be tilted up and down, and can be zoomed into specific scenes. These cameras can be controlled in real time by the user, or set up to perform patterns automatically.

Why are infrared cameras used?

Infrared dome and bullet cameras work much better in low light conditions than standard colour or mono cameras. The infrared camera utilises any ambient light and boosts this with infrared to give the best possible pictures in dark or semi-dark scenes.