Live Streaming Webcams

Adding webcams to your business’s website may be the most beneficial decision you ever make for your business. By giving your customers the ability to view your facilities and key selling points online, you are giving them not only superb justification for choosing your business, but also an unbelievable entertainment value. This creates exponential word of mouth advertising, which is by far the best way to promote your business and services.

Additionally, adding webcams to your website will greatly increase the number of hits you receive and dramatically widen your target audience.

The ModularCams Webcam System gives you the best of both worlds, by providing a webcam system which also has the capacity to record data; you can market and secure your business at the same time.

Webcam benefits:

• Embed live streaming images in to your website
• Viewable on any browser and platform
• All HTML code required is supplied by us
• Proven robust cameras for exposed locations
• High quality infrared cameras for low light situations
• Panning & zooming options available
• Recording capability

ModularCams provide complete installation and commissioning services. Once the webcam system hardware is installed our team will liaise with your website developers and provide all HTML code required along with guidance on how to incorporate it into existing or new website projects.


Typically, the cost for the supply and installation of a single live streaming webcam system is just £1250.00

All of our systems are provided with a 12 month comprehensive warranty, with the option to extend this at the end of the 12 month period.