Why do I need a Webcam - the business case

Reaching your target audience is one problem, holding their attention long enough to get your message across is an even bigger one. If a business is to prosper in today’s Digital world, it has to understand and accept that the traditional habits of their customers have changed – forever!

The starting point of any customer journey when looking for a product or service is no longer the High Street, neither is it the Yellow Pages, BT Phone Book, newspapers or magazines. Today, the starting point of your customers journey is the Internet search engines!

Nearly 80% of the UK population are now online. That equates to nearly 50 million people that regularly utilise internet search engines as an everyday part of their lives when searching for information on products and services. Globally, there are 1.75 billion people online, around 26% of the worlds population. (source: http://www.internetworldstats.com)

In the UK Google typically performs 5.6 billion searches every month. Of those searches, 3.8 billion are people searching for products or services. That is a an amazing 1420 searches every second.

We can measure the effectiveness of a website by analysing the statistics provided by the web hosting service. ModularCams perform We are primarily interested in three figures, these are the number of hits our website is achieving, the number of visits, and probably most importantly, the number of unique visitors. This last number equates to the number of prospective customers we have shown our site to.

It is statistically proven that adding a webcam to your website will increase website traffic, furthermore it is evident that visitors to a website which has a webcam stay for longer and look more thoroughly at the site.